Maestra Alejandra Mantinan

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Alejandra Mantinan y Gustavo Russo

have been working together as choreographers and dancers since 1990. Being the stars in the world-touring-shows "Tango Pasion" und "Tango Argentino Show", they have enjoyed hugh successes with their unmistakable virtuosity and technically mature style on stage. They have gained much appreciation at the festivals in Paris 1991 and Hamburg 2001.

from HP of Internationales Tango Festival

Lead dancers gGustavo Russoh and gAlejandrag the most popular tango performers and winner of several awards such as gestelares del marh for the best tango show and gprecio del arte argentinah from the academy of arts Buenos Aires.

from HP of the review of "King of Tango"

Gustavo Russo y Alejandra: Owners of a great power and speed, they are first rank figures in every stage that they dance on. They belong to the cast of "Tango Passion", where they earn true recognition at every play. Outstanding dancing couple.

from HP of CosmoTango
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